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Alaska's Vegans & Vegetarians

A Far North Gathering

Vegans & Vegetarians in the Far North.
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This is a BRAND NEW community for vegans & vegetarians living or traveling in Alaska.

Please copy and paste introduction as your first post.


Tired of trying to find good vegan products in Alaska? Look no farther these stores will ship them to your door!

Food Fight.
- Specializes in faux meat products, vegan junk food, exotic goodies, vegan bath and body supplies, cookbooks, Magazines, dog treats and hipster buttons (to let everyone know of the lifestyle you've chosen).

Alternative Outfitters.
- If you're a fan of Andy Warhol you're in luck! Here's a website that sells Andy Warhol (vegan safe) handbags. They also have a great collection of acrylic (not wool) scarfs, hats, and mittens for those long winter nights.

Vegan Essentials.
- The name says it all! This is a great spot to buy vegan goods for children, pets and the rest of the family. Vegan condoms can be found here!

- Looking for a wool-free yet ultra cute pea coat? How about polartec fleece or faux leather gloves, jackets, & hats? You've got to check out Pangea!

- Cruelty-free "Prada like handbags" and "Ugg like boots".

*PLEASE* Don't Support Cruelty!!!

Boycott KFC!

Boycott Wolfgang Puck!

Just For Fun:
Aurora Forecast for Alaska.