Name: E
Age: 21
Location (at least a general location): good ol' Fairbanks, AK
Family life? S.O.? Children? Pets? Are they veggie heads too? no one in my family eats much meat. my bro, in seattle, is attempting to go veggie, the rest of the fam just lays low on the meat. my dog eats the meat in her dog food, but we try to pay attention to the companies we get it from....
Vegan, Vegetarian, Curious? been vegetarian since age 14. i've gone through brief vegan stints, but it hasn't stuck yet. :) i do try to be as aware as possible of where any animal products are coming from (i.e. eating eggs from local farmers, etc)
What are your creative outlets (painting, sewing++)? writing, playing music, doing drag
Favorite recipe? hungarian mushroom soup. its in the moosewood cookbook. mostly i just through tempeh and veggies together....i'm a tempeh freak.
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me, minus coffee in the morning

anyway, hi everyone!